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Beyond Zero Technologies specialises in turnkey building technology solutions to enhance sustainability, operational efficiency, and safety. Through our advanced offering in technologies and software, we empower large-scale businesses to connect their global operations and achieve unprecedented success in their sustainability journey.

Our Team

Our point of difference stems from our team’s passion and drive to make positive change. With decades of in-house hardware and software expertise, global partnership networks, and a unique client-centric approach, we deliver true value and unparalleled industry experience.

Our Mission

Solving Large Problems Through
Our Technologies & Expertise
To Build A Sustainable Future

Our Turnkey Solutions

Our turnkey solutions enhance businesses in their sustainability journey by connecting their building’s renewable assets, energy and building management systems, and control networks into our AI ecosystem that reports, automates and enhances their sustainability goals.

Renewable Technologies

Our cutting-edge solutions span solar and energy storage systems, wind, hydro, and more, offering you a diverse range of eco-friendly options to reduce your carbon footprint and lower energy costs. Our expert team guides you in selecting the right investment for long-term return on investment, customised to your business and building needs.

Building Management & Automation

Our state-of-the-art Building Management System offers real-time monitoring and control of your building's performance. Our integrated building systems help stakeholders manage, optimise and respond to all critical systems. With our advanced automation capabilities, you can avoid energy waste and enhance the efficiency of your operations to increase the sustainability of your building.

Energy Management & Reporting

Our energy management system transforms facilities into flexible, efficient powerhouses. The system’s smart metering and software enables real-time power quality tracking and reporting to enhance decision-making. This allows teams to track sustainability efforts, validate energy-savings and automate improvements. It also enables Virtual Power Plant (VPP) programs and open energy markets to maximise return on investment.

Duress Management & Response

Our Duress Management System provides an integrated, people-focused safety solution. With easy-to-use physical buttons and keypads, it provides real-time alerts, visual and audible signals, as well as SMS and email notifications. It simplifies incident response and evidence collection, with a standardised platform for efficient training and adoption.

Commercial Lighting Design & Control

Lighting design plays a crucial role in sustainable building construction. Proper lighting design can reduce energy consumption, improve visibility and operational efficiency, and enhance the overall appearance of your space. Our lighting control solutions are developed to cater to the unique requirements of your building, resulting in improved energy savings, productivity, and safety in the workplace.

Lighting Manufacturing

We are committed to providing exceptional lighting solutions that cater to our clients' individual needs. Our manufacturing partners provide cutting-edge technology and production methods to manufacture energy-efficient, long-lasting, and aesthetically pleasing lighting fixtures. Our control over the production and logistics processes ensures a more dependable product using sustainable materials with reliable delivery timeframes.

Global Integration with Artificial Intelligence

With BeyondZero.AI, clients can connect their global property network unlocking the true potential of sustainability and building insights. Our platform provides a user-friendly, single-pane-of-glass experience to track GHG emissions, optimise energy consumption, identify operational inefficiencies and predict maintenance through trending data and artificial intelligence.

A holistic, integrated measurement, control & reporting suite for building, energy, safety and sustainability management.

A holistic, integrated measurement, control & reporting suite for building, energy, safety and sustainability management.

Complete Integration & Connectivity

One of the most pressing challenges businesses face today is data fragmentation, where crucial information is dispersed across various systems, is complicated to understand, hard to locate, and lacks meaningful insight. BeyondZero.AI addresses these issues by seamlessly integrating our turnkey sustainable and building technology solutions, into a simplified platform for stakeholders, pulling together fragmented data to offer a unified operational view.

Site Management Portal

Our Site Management Portal (SMP) is the go-to solution for managing and visualising your entire property portfolio. The SMP allows for effortless site performance tracking, system health assessment, real-time data insights, automated reporting, predictive maintenance and AI-driven recommendations. Supplying the ability to analyse and compare sustainability performance across regions, pinpointing areas for improvement, all from a single integrated platform.

Sustainability Reporting

Transparency and accountability in sustainability reporting are now non-negotiables in corporate governance. Our integrated solution streamlines compliance with key frameworks like NGER, TFCD, GRI, and CDP, offering robust monitoring and reporting for energy, water, and gas. Meeting obligations to regulators and the public while minimising compliance risks across industries and regions.

Duress Management Portal

Our bespoke Duress Management Portal prioritises workforce safety and security. If an emergency arises, the system immediately pinpoints the location of the distress signal, allowing first responders to act with precision and speed. Our intuitive user interface simplifies the reporting process by keeping event logs, creating incident reports and helping teams manage emergencies with real-time notifications of the evolving situation.

Interactive Sustainability Dashboard

Our Interactive Sustainability Dashboard revolutionises how our clients manage and communicate their sustainability efforts. It offers real-time tracking and actionable insight of sites through visually stunning 3D models and interactive displays. Going beyond traditional reports and engaging key stakeholders with comprehensive metrics, showcasing the real impact of your sustainability initiatives.

Our Process

Our expert team and partners are not only committed to delivering user-focused, tailor-made solutions for your unique sustainability challenges, but also implement standardisation across your property portfolio. Our standardised processes ensure consistent, high-quality results, setting a new benchmark for building, energy, safety and sustainability management in your organisation.

Design & Engineering

We provide professional, detailed design and engineering services, ensuring precision and quality control measures on every project. Our collaboration with general contractor engineers and service providers results in clear, standardised design documents for seamless system integration. Our proven expertise and experience have allowed us to refine our methodologies to ensure quality installation, system reliability, and accurate reporting.

& Supply

We specialise in creating top-tier products that undergo stringent testing for performance, safety, and global compliance, all while minimising maintenance costs. We use our international manufacturing partnerships to ensure rapid development, high-volume production, and quick lead times. Our unified business management system streamlines supply chain operations, covering forward and reverse logistics. With a global distribution network, we promise fast turnaround and worldwide delivery, offering cost-effective, certified solutions.

Project Management

We initiate each project with a comprehensive consultation phase, understanding the client's vision, objectives, and sustainability goals. Leveraging industry-specific tools and methodologies, our dedicated team collaborates closely with stakeholders, ensuring that each phase, from design to execution, aligns with sustainable best practices. Regular progress reviews, risk assessments, and transparent communication form the backbone of our approach, guaranteeing that our clients remain informed and engaged throughout the project lifecycle.


Our team of certified professionals is committed to ensuring a seamless and efficient installation process, from initial consultation to final implementation. Recognising that each business is unique, we offer tailored solutions that integrate seamlessly with your current systems. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and stringent quality checks, we ensure your installation meets the highest standards for performance and reliability.

Commissioning, Programming & Integration

We partner with a global network of certified collaborators and local contractors, offering a complete technology package. Our standardised installation and commissioning procedures and stage-specific checklists ensure project consistency. Our on-site team performs data validation for quality and accuracy, guaranteeing exceptional results.

Certification, Handover & Training

Along with on-site training and immediate support, we offer a Handover Documentation Pack for smooth system upkeep. This pack includes as-built drawings, system architecture, and essential checklists like data points I/O and software points. It also features operation manuals, warranty certificates, and hardware/software guides. Resources like training materials, how-to videos, and an online knowledge base are available for your team's ongoing support.

Invested In Our Future


When we think about what the world will be like in 30 years, we picture a world that is better for our children and our children’s children. We want them to look back and feel proud of the legacy we've left behind. We want them to see our history of resilience, innovation, and unwavering commitment to the planet.

More than anything, we hope they'll continue the journey, taking the torch we've passed on and lighting the way for the generations that follow. It's a cycle of care, responsibility, and hope that we believe will transform the world, one sustainable choice at a time.

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